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Class Descriptions

It is about listening to the body, supporting the body, and allowing

the body the opportunity to heal itself.

Level 1

The building block approach teaches you how Flowtrition works and the appropriate protocol for making a Flow contact on a person or animal.  


In Level 1 you will experience:

  • How the structure of individual cells affect the whole body's responses to its environment

  • How Flowtrition helps change the messages being sent to the cells, which can imporve a body's response to its environment

  • How Flowtrition can move a body out of survival mode and into growth and renewal mode

  • How Flowtrition targets specific cell receptors to initiate responses in every cell in a body


Typically Level 1 is taught on a Friday and a Sunday: 

Friday morning lecture is followed by afternoon hands-on, learning how to do Flow with a person. Sunday morning short lecture is followed by hands-on with horses.  


Horses are excellent teachers of Flowtrition.  Even if a person is not interested in working with animals, their skills will improve vastly by learning to find rapport with a horse.  For people who are uncomfortable, or have not been around horses, we will support them and make sure they are safe.  


Cost:  $800 for Level 1 & 2 

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Level 2

In Level 2 you will improve upon your basic skills by understanding the starting point, learning to assess patterns, and learning how to gauge change during a session. This course builds upon the Level 1 Flowtrition knowledge by introducing how to position a body.


In Level 2 you will experience:

  • Assessment of central nervous system tension patterns in a human or animal

  • Learning how to move the subject into the optimal body position to encourage rapport

  • Understanding how your body position can affect the client


Typically Level 2 is taught on Saturday: 

Morning lecture is followed by afternoon hands-on Flow with a person


Cost: $600 for Level 1 & 2 

Level 3
Level 3 & 4

Level 3 is the art and science of using Flowtrition to determine the specific supplemental or dietary support that can enable the individual to better integrate physical and/or emotional events that are currently affecting the body.


In Level 3 you will experience:

  • How to use Level 2 to check the body for beneficial feedback

  • How to test various products, as well as foods for supporting our health

  • How to test for mental/emotional issues for supporting the individual


Typically Level 3 is taught on a Friday: 

Morning lecture is followed by afternoon hands-on working with a person


Cost: $800 for Level 3 & 4 

Level 4

Level 4 is an in depth study of working in the field.


In Level 4 you will experience:

  • How to expand your understanding of Flowtrition through working in the field

  • An exploration of mind/body concepts and their application to Flowtrition


Typically Level 4 is taught on Saturday & Sunday: 

Saturday morning lecture is followed by afternoon hands-on working with a person.

Sunday working with horses.


Cost: $800 for Level 3 & 4 

Level 5
Level 5

In Level 5 you will refine your Flowtrition skills, learn new skills and understand the necessary building blocks for a successful Flowtrition practice.


In Level 5 you will experience:

  • The requirements to move through Flowtrition positions

  • The priorities for the system and its ability to integrate information

  • How to deliver Flowtrition in a seated position, on the back or on the side

  • The consciousness of healing and its relationship to the environment

  • Important Flowtrition communication skills


Typically Level 5 is Saturday and Sunday: 

Saturday lecture and hands-on.

Sunday lecture and hands-on.


Cost: $800 

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