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What is Flowtrition

Flowtrition is a gentle touch that allows for the integration

of life experiences stored in the body as tension.

It is a means of finding the touch, nutrition, and thoughts that

encourage growth and evolution of the individual.

The gentle light touches encourage the body to look in on itself and to make shifts.  Sometimes we are holding a pattern of tension due to an emotional or physical trauma from long ago.  Even though it is over and we have moved on, the body may be responding as if it is still occurring because the nervous system was affected deeply.  Everything that we experience is communicated to us through the nervous system. The healthier the nervous system, the healthier the communication. Giving the nervous system the opportunity to change is extremely beneficial on a physical and emotional level.


One thing that makes Flowtrition unique, is that a person doing Flowtrition, is not trying to fix, or change, anyone.  We see the perfection of the person and their body, without judgement.  The purpose with Flowtrition is to connect through a light touch, and let the nervous system of the body decide what it wants to do next.  For many people this can be a shift which leads to symptom relief, but that is not the primary purpose; removal of pain is not always a sign of improved health.  What is more important is the body learning to respond in the most appropriate manner to its environment.  We are allowing the body the opportunity to make changes from within, which is more empowering than trying to force something to change when it is not ready

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We see the perfection of the person and their body,

without judgement.

Stress is part of life, but there can be huge differences in how one person versus another responds to stress.  Ideally, after a stressful event we go back into recovery mode, which is important for our overall health.  When we are at the high end of stress, like a fight-or-flight situation, all of our energy goes to the muscles to take action and protect us.  When we are at the other end of stress, or no stress, all of the energy of the body is going to our internal organs, digesting food, healing injuries, and boosting our immune system.  So it is vital at times to respond to stress when it is life threatening, but if we do not return to the other end of the scale, we can have a body with a compromised immune system, kidney challenges, etc.


In addition, many people's bodies are responding to stresses such as paying bills, work that they do not enjoy, famly, etc. as if these are life or death stresses.  The healthier the nervous system, the more it will respond appropriately.  Most people who receive Flowtrition notice that while they still have stresses in their life, they are better able to handle them.  Often they are better equipped to deal with situations and people, and notice they are more efficient.  In addition their overall health improves.


Each person is unique, and Flowtrition honors that uniqueness. The places of contact can be different places at different times, usually along the spine.  These places have a specific, and palpable feel to them.  That is why Flowtrition can be taught to anyone with a sense of touch.


The magnitude of a simple, but profound touch continues to amaze us, and hold us in awe of the body's ability to change and heal.  Flow sessions that look like miracles, where a person improves in a way other doctors said was impossible, or where nothing else made any difference, validates the power of allowing the body, the nervous system the chance to change through a light touch.  Most impressive are the changes with infants and animals, who do not change due to placebo affects.

Another benefit to Flowtrition goes beyond dropping tension.  It has to do with a person's state of consciousness.  The more perceptive their nervous sytem the more they will be aware of what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how it can be influencing their life.  With that comes a greater sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions. This shift in consciousness allows one to make different choices.


For instance, if someone wants the pain in their back fixed, so they take a pill that gets rid of the pain, but everything else in ther life stays the same, chances are the pain will continue to return.  However, if the nervous system gets a message to look in on itself, reexamine itself at a deeper level, the person may have the realization that sitting hunched over at the computer for 5 hours straight is causing the pain.  Maybe the pain forces them to get up and walk, which in turn helps the body get oxygen and blood flow, helping the body heal.  Or perhaps on another level, with greater consciousness, they notice that the pain is more intense when they are feeling anger.  Anger can cause tight muscles and altered blood flow.


A greater awareness of oneself can lead to huge transformational changes that go beyond being more relaxed.  Flowtrition has led people to realizations and understandings that have brought greater meaning to their lives, on many different level


Most sessions last 5 to 30 minutes.

Lance Wright is a catalyst for change.  I am grateful for his help,

healing, and incredible sense of humor!"

 - Elizabeth Kaye McCall, author of the Tao of Horses

Flowtrition with Animals

Flowtrition is also wonderful for our animal companions.  It is an excellent way to begin any interaction with an animal.


It can be received before and/or after any of the following:

  • Sporting events

  • Performance events such as horse dressage, barrel racing, dog obedience trials, dog agility and the like

  • Going on a trail ride with your horse, or taking your dog for a walk

  • Any traumatic experience such as a fall, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, a trip to the vet or hospital

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