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Genetic Nutrition

Looking for patterns in the whole.

The power of knowing

Methylation Basics

So, you’ve heard the word methylation but are unsure exactly what that means? It is definitely the hottest topic in health care today. Not just in the natural health care world but also in mainstream medicine. Information that comes from having your genetic test done is providing incredible information about who we are and how we think, how we respond to the environment, how we detox, how we repair our bodies and our susceptibility to diseases. Drugs companies are making use of our genetic data to determine appropriate drugs for patients based on their genetic ability to process those drugs.

The ability to form methyl groups and use those methyl groups in the body is an incredibly interesting and somewhat complicated topic. Genetic defects in the methylation pathway are the underlying cause of a tremendous number of health issues today. Overlooking the importance of methylation can leave you spinning in trying to get to the root of chronic health issues.
As a natural health care practitioner of 27 years, I can speak to this topic. I spent years thinking I was getting to the root of health issues when I was really just treating the symptoms. Since I have begun analyzing genetic data from such sources as 23andme, and Doctors Data, I have come to realize that there was a whole layer of disease cause that I had not even considered.
Thanks to pioneers such as Dr. Amy Yasko and Richard Van Konynenberg, we have begun to go much deeper in our quest for answers in health care. Combining this knowledge of how the methylation pathway works along with Wholistic Kinesiology has allowed us to explore uncharted areas of health care and forge new pathways in our search for answers.

Dr. J Dunn

We are truly getting deeper than ever to the real causes of disease instead of treating symptoms or the results of genetic variants.  This is a very exciting time for natural healing!

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