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A number of events are held throughout the year, join in the Flow.

Flow Day is the opportunity for people to further their journey towards optimal health with multiple people on a similar path. The one day event consists of multiple Flow sessions in a group setting. There is a synergistic effect that occurs when multiple people come together with a similar goal.  We have seen people experience profound shifts simultaneously with other people whether they are in the middle of a Flow session, or as an observer to other people's journey. 

Flow Day

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Planetary Flow
Planetary Flow

Planetary Flow benefits the health and well-being of the individual, the group, and the planet. Dr. Lance Wright travels with a group of people to explore a sacred site, find powerful locations, provide multiple Flow sessions, guided contemplations, and the opportunity for solitary reflection.


Past destinations have included Chichen Itza, Mexico, Sedonna, Enchanted Rock and the U.K. 

Flowing Heart Day

Our first Planetary Flow journey was to Chichen Itza, Mexico in 2010.  We stayed at a beautiful resort within the ruins of Chichen Itza. In the morning we walked out of our bungalows for a beautiful day touring the ruins.  At specific locations Lance did a Flow session with each of us.  The current we felt, and the shifts that occurred were beyond our previous experiences.  We were in awe, and the timeless quality stayed with us.  Each of us has been altered in a way that makes us feel even more connected to each other and the planet. 

Flowing Heart Day is a one day event with a small group of people that starts with a five minute Heart Rate Variability Monitor scan. This scan is the gold standard for testing changes in the nervous system, as well as observing people's immune responses and emotional tension levels.


The rest of the day is filled with a multitude of health modalities, including but not limited to: Flow sessions, DoTerra essential oils, Biomat, Binaural Beats, Frequency tones, Rebounder, and walks.  At the end of the day the Heart Rate Variability scan is performed to provide before and after results.

Flowing High Hope

Flowing High Hope is held at High Hope Ranch in Glen Rose, Texas.  The first day includes a Flow session and sets the tone for the weekend.  The next day is similar to the Flowing Heart Day.  The third day is a combination of a guided up-close and personal tour of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Flow sessions and walks to sacred sites at High Hope.  


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